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Q&A: Does EOS Nairobi plan to work with other teams in the world?

EOS Nairobi has been engaged since its inception with other EOS teams around the world. Furthermore, EOS Nairobi is currently engaged with developers in introducing a blockchain developer class to enhance the availability of coders to support the network. Collaboration will therefore be with regard to education and capacity building, developer training, consultancy based…
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Q&A: 4. Many teams around the world have announced their campaign for EOS Block Producer. What are the advantages and disadvantages of EOS Nairobi?

The current advantages include the fact that EOS Nairobi is in a unique physical location as well as unique jurisdictional position. In order for EOS to be effective and secure, it needs its nodes to run on many different locations across the world. This ensures that in the event that there is a significant push…
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Q&A: Any EOS and blockchain investment advice?

Dear readers, we appreciate you on our journey to the Block Producer Candidature. We are in this to work together with you to drive the adoption of blockchain technology for all the benefits it is set to bring to our communities, economies and nations at large; so every vote matters! We believe in the vision,…
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Q&A: If Eos Nairobi fails to be one of the 21 main Block Producers, what’s next?

EOS Nairobi will continue to support other teams in the EOS ecosystem through capacity building, developer training, community education and node work/ block production. The ecosystem around EOS is cast and many organisations will need technical support and consultancy on how to leverage emerging technologies. EOS Nairobi will continue to be a resource and equipping…
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Q&A: How does EOS Nairobi plan to distribute the Block Producer bonus?

EOS Nairobi plans to distribute its Supernode bonus in the following manner. 25% savings 50% operational costs 25% on community projects, Seed stage investment in Dapps and Community education program. EOS Nairobi Interview by Sanyan Blockchain Media

Q&A: How will the decrease in Block Producer rewards from the proposed 5% to currently 1% affect the workings of EOS Nairobi?

Despite the decrease in revenue, we believe that this will not significantly affect the value of our Block Producer candidature and what we want to achieve as a community. We are confident that the value of EOS will increase considerably in the coming months and years so we believe that we will be able to…
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Q&A: Eos Nairobi are currently building 4 EOS DApps, can you provide more details about them?

Health-Wealth Coin – Kunga Kihohia founded the Back to Nature movement, whose main aim is to incentivize healthy and holistic living through the Health Wealth Coin in its community, as people share their stories and achievements or milestones in pursuing a holistic lifestyle. It specifically addresses the crisis of non-communicable diseases, creating awareness,providing solutions and…
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Q&A: Now many EOS BP candidates have started to form a coalition and run for the super nodes as groups. What do you think about that? Does this mean that EOS is going to be centralized?

We believe that although this might be the trend at the beginning, it will smooth out in due time. Because EOS has a continuous voting process, the nodes that are most effective will become more and more popular while those that are inefficient will be voted out. This is part of the design of the…
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Q&A: What changes do you think EOS Nairobi can bring to Kenya and the African continent?

On the African continent, there have been numerous initiatives in financial technology as the primary use case of blockchain technology in Africa. Many have profited from the usage of cryptocurrencies; others have created payment gateways, such as Pesa Base to ease financial remittances. EOS Nairobi will spark the quality conversations and education greatly needed to…
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Q&A: How can decentralised applications create social wealth?

One of the vital pillars of the EOS ecosystem is community. Integral to its design is the requirement to have applications that can be used for free by millions of people, and we believe that the creation of such applications will create social wealth through creating mechanisms of accounting for and leveraging identity, access, and…
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