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The EOS Nairobi team works in a horizontal organisational structure. This has helped the team to remove any potential barriers to communication and facilitated a very enjoyable work environment for all its members.


EOS Nairobi Block Pro Team

Daniel Kimotho

EOS Nairobi Lead, Chief Executive

Daniel is the lead of the EOS Nairobi Community and his role is to provide the core support to the EOS network ensuring that it is running as smoothly and securely as possible. He is also tasked with bridging the technology and social gap in the blockchain space by creating programmes to ensure knowledge sharing and sustained growth of the EOS Community in Africa and beyond. 

His blockchain work began as a blockchain Researcher in Africa with the Institute for Blockchain Studies (New York), he is also a voice in the blockchain space in Africa having led many conversations around developing a strong blockchain developer community in Africa. His life mission is to build tools of wealth creation and he is a strong advocate for using blockchain technology to decentralize the tools for wealth creation.

Daniel has been on the stage at the World Blockchain Summit, Speaking on how we can secure our share of the world on the blockchain and decentralize the tools of wealth creation. Daniel is also the co-founder of First Nexus company, an innovative technology company that focuses on developing solutions for business that take advantage of data and emerging technologies.


George Mosomi

Head of Technology

George provides strategic project management and business development for the EOSNairobi Incubator, Kotani. He is specialised in asset based project development and has developed global experience of working as a Senior Blockchain Developer at Solo-Energy, a lead aggregator of AI battery systems in the UK and Ireland and co-founded Capitally Blockchain, a UK based consultancy firm that advises businesses on adoption of blockchain technology. He has worked in the United Kingdom, Ireland, East and Central Africa, Chile, the Philippines and the Caspian Sea in Central Asia providing machine learning and AI solutions for the energy sector as Renewable Energy Consultant for Aquatera Ltd, a globally recognized leader in the development of marine renewable energy.


Felix Macharia

Head of operations

Felix has a background in scientific research and entrepreneurship. He is a co-founder at First Nexus Company, an innovative technology company that focuses on developing solutions for business that take advantage of data and emerging technologies. He is also an affiliate researcher for The Institute for Blockchain Studies (NewYork). Felix has held several operations positions in previous organizations including: Lights Africa (Operations and Public Relations Manager, 2012-2014), Omnis Limited (Business Development Manager, 2015-date), Connect Wild Africa (Head of Research and

Strategy). He is passionate about the real-world use cases of blockchain technology and sees it as the greatest enabler of financial inclusion.


Brian Kimotho

Head of Community

Brian Kimotho has a background in Information Technology. He also has experience as a local quality assurance head at a mobile internet company where he tests mobile and web applications for hidden bugs. He’s currently learning how to design and implement embedded Microsystems. His interests and hobbies include Blockchain technology, IOT, renewable energy, entrepreneurship and graphic design. Brian leads the communication team and is tasked with creating access to EOSNairobi from other EOS community members. You’ll find Brian watching series and plotting ot takeover Mars.


Peter Okwara

Senior Developer

Peter is in charge of block-production and smart contract development. He is also the project manager for dapps.

He has a background in Electrical Engineering but has been a software developer from a young age.  He is a talented software developer and a hardware developer. Inspired to solve African problems using technology. Huge fan of Westworld and Japanese Culture.


Steve Kiarie

Senior Developer

Steve is the lead server architecture specialist.


Shalom Nyende

Senior Developer

Shalom is the lead dApp architect. He is a Computer Scientist by profession and has always been fascinated with and by new and transformative technologies. Whenever he is not developing on his “Baby” Pavillion (as he calls his laptop!), you will definitely find him listening to music, reading Sci-Fi and/or eating.

He hopes to transform lives through $EOS.