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Infinito – Multi-asset Mobile Wallet

Infinito – Multi-asset Mobile Wallet

Multi-asset Wallet: Infinito Wallet is the leading all-in-one mobile wallet for the widest range of coins and tokens on the market. Currently, the Universal Wallet supports the industry’s biggest dApp-enabling blockchains: ETH, EOS, CARDANO, NEO, and soon ONT, STELLAR and more. It additionally houses many of the market’s top coins including ADA, ETC, BCH, BTC, ETH, DASH, EOS, LITECOIN, NEO, and DOGECOIN along with all tokens built on ETH ERC20, NEO NEP-5, and EOS protocols.

Security Features: Users retains absolute control over their wealth via private keys that are all safely encrypted in their local device storage. All private keys are secured and easily managed using one 12-word n passphrase. For additional security features, Infinito Wallet features password protection and fingerprint protection where users must input their password or fingerprint scan before sending and managing funds, as well as when they re-open the wallet app after having been in idle mode.

Integrated Services: Through this single safe space for cryptocurrencies and dApps, wealth management becomes a breeze as multi-asset interaction, either with other end users or blockchain service providers, is streamlined to perfection. Furthermore, the Universal Wallet will soon integrate to its robust infrastructure crypto exchange and fiat gateway services to bring more flexibility to crypto trading.

Native dApp Marketplace (Soon): Beyond seamless crypto interactions, with a powerful infrastructure of practical, compliant-ready blockchain tools and technologies, Infinito Wallet powers businesses and developers of all levels to publish innovative DApps to user community on Infinito App Square. On this open platform, all users can interact with multiple blockchain assets and dApps that are securely validated with Token Verisign and dApp Verisign support. Infinito App Square is slated for release very soon in the next coming months.

Development History: The development of Infinito Wallet began in August 2017 and the wallet application was officially released on app stores in November 2017 with support for BTC, BCH, ETH, and ERC20 tokens. Since then, the Wallet has rapidly growing to be more universal and functionally capable, greatly expanding its list of supported crypto assets while increasingly adding useful features for its end users. Today, Infinito Wallet has over 250,000 downloads all over the globe, in which the majority of users are from Japan, America, and Britain.

Achievements: On its journey to success, Infinito Wallet has achieved many incredible milestones in the crypto space. The Universal Wallet recently became the first mobile wallet for the ADA currency through an official development collaboration with IOHK, the team behind Cardano blockchain. Previously, it was also the first mobile wallet to enable support for EOS MainNet and EOS tokens. The wallet has been widely appraised as world’s best mobile wallet for cryptocurrencies by crypto users and domain experts (Finder, Coinlist, AbitGreedy, Blockonomi, Coinpedia, etc.) alike.

Partner Network: So far, Infinito Wallet has strategically partnered with Blockpass, Coinfirm, and Quanta respectively to bring ultra-convenient ID/KYC solutions, advanced AML/CTF services, and regulated gaming platform to its ecosystem. The Universal Wallet also announced formal partnerships with leading blockchain player in China, ONTology, and several EOS block producers.

ICO Investment Features: Infinito Wallet is also the top choice for both investors and ICOs with useful ICO investment features in Token Verification, ICO Tab, and Wallet Connection. With Infinito Wallet’s expanding support of leading coins and tokens, we believe that these featured will become great assets to both end users and blockchain businesses.

  • Token Verification Service: ICO generates a special QR Code for their token and place it on their official ICO website for users to activate on their wallet by scanning with Infinito Wallet. The Token will come with Infinito Token Veri-Sign Seal to indicate that the token and its smart contract are officially verified that they belong to the precise ICO that the investor wants to invest in.

  • ICO Tab: Investors can see detailed, official ICO information and clear directions on basic steps needed to invest, ensuring error-free transactions mutually beneficial for both sides.

  • Wallet Connection: fUsers can conveniently make payments to any supported third-party exchanges, dApps, and blockchain services from Infinito Wallet and start using them. The recipient’s contact information, including name and blockchain address, can also be saved in the wallet so our users will not have to go through the lengthy process of copying addresses to transfer funds.